Product Range

As a global leader in test and measurement systems for quality assurance in the glass industry Glass-Scan Technologies offers an extensive range of products.


The Glass-Scan Technologies product range was created directly from our customers’ demands. Our product concepts are therefore based on the practice in the glass processing industry. Practical orientation, a maximum of durability and robustness combined with the most innovative technology are the crucial facts of the Glass-Scan Technologies products. These are essential factors of success which many well-known glassworks worldwide are already enjoying.
  • complete test systems
  • sensor systems
  • camera technology
  • light sources
  • software

Strategic partnerships create synergy

Glass-Scan Technologies‘ products are successfully used by Emhart Glass Inc.


One example is the strategic partnership with Emhart Glass Inc. which is the global leader of production machines for container glass. Emhart Glass Inc. uses Glass-Scan Technologies products within its product lines. Provided with a great amount of patents and unique know-how Glass-Scan Technologies sets new standards in quality control for glass.

Quality assurance systems (Glas Inspection, Inline/Online Inspection)

  • container glass
  • flat glass
  • crockery glass
  • medical special glasses
  • technical glasses such as solar glass
  • optical glasses

Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects in glass production plants. Without efficient and reliable quality assurance production speed and reputation of the sites will suffer. Glass-Scan Technologies offers a complete product range of entire systems, sensor systems, software and test equipment. Our systems are integrated in the production line and contain the entire electronics and mechanics for the quality assurance.

The flexibility of our systems is based on specialised sensors, which we offer for each type of glass and each glass forming. Our control software runs on Windows, Linux and popular tablet operating systems such as Apple iOS and Android.

To ensure the optimal functioning of our sensors and systems, Glass-Scan Technologies has developed instruments that are tailored to the Glass-Scan Technologies product range.

Glass-Scan Technologies LIS DSP Series

The Glass-Scan Technologies LIS DSP Series is a product line of control systems for detecting defects in container glass. The line is custom-configurable and extensible. Therefore even very complex containers can be tested in one pass. By the non-contact visual measuring 99.9 % of potential contamination or damage of the glass containers are detected.

The Glass-Scan Technologies LIS DSP Series has been applied worldwide with the highest reliability for many years. The systems offer unbeatable variety and flexibility for all requirements of the glass industry.

Glass-Scan Technologies Sensor Systems Series

The quality and efficiency of crack testing facilities stands and falls with the quality of the optical sensors. Through years of experience Glass-Scan Technologies has a wide range of sensors available which can be used for each area of expertise:
  • Defect Kit for mini ware
  • Defect Kit for big glass containers
  • Glas Defect Kit for black glass
  • Bottom Check Kit
  • Heel Check Kit
  • Body Check Kit
  • Shoulder Check Kit
  • Finish Check Kit
  • Mold Reader Kit
  • Lean Kit
  • Out of Round Kit
  • Wall-Thickness Kit
  • Vision Kit

Glass-Scan Technologies LIS Control ST Series

Apple’s iPhone family and Google’s Android platforms have set new standards for smart phones and tablet PCs. Glass-Scan Technologies recognised the potential of these platforms very early. A smart phone/tablet PC and access to Wi-Fi is all that is required for the mobile operation of Glass-Scan Technologies testing facilities. Production managers receive information about errors that occur anywhere and anytime without being located directly at the machine.

Glass-Scan Technologies ProLight Series

Light sources of all types are indispensable for optical test procedures. Therefore Glass-Scan Technologies is planning a new innovative product line of light sources. The LED based lighting panels are available with different resolutions and wavelengths. The LEDs are individually addressable and offer maximum displayable light patterns. Thus the optimal adaptation to almost any inspection task is ensured. The products from the ProLight series have LAN and RS-232C interfaces.

Glass-Scan Technologies ProInspect Series

Glass-Scan Technologies Proinspect is an independent test facility for medium-sized vitreous bodies. It evaluates product identification, dimensions, thickness, shape, cracks, inclusions and edge chipping.

For the measurements, both proven sensor technology and advanced camera technique on the basis of the innovative Glass-Scan Technologies technology is used. Glass-Scan Technologies Proinspect covers all the main characteristics (see information box). Glass-Scan Technologies technology: Proven sensor technology and latest camera technology.

ProInspect checks the following characteristics:

  • wall thickness
  • cracks
  • inclusions
  • shape retention
  • measurements
  • reflection behaviour
  • light transparency
  • Plug
  • DIP
  • Ring
  • formnumber
  • Finish Check
  • STD Check
  • Shoulder Check
  • Body Check
  • Heel Check
  • Bottom Check
  • Out-of-Round Check
  • Lean Check

The concept of the system allows both, the stationary as well as the mobile application. The strictly modular design is another important detail. Being very adaptive, Glass-Scan Technologies ProInspect fits perfectly into every production environment. Further key features of Glass-Scan Technologies ProInspect are a maximum of exact testing and the possibility of repeating measurements.

Glass-Scan Technologies ProInspect is equipped with a Touch-Screen-Display, which is easy and comfortable to handle. The integrated control computer provides maximum functionality. Test results are registered in a database. The results can be obtained anytime via serial and LAN industry standard interfaces. This enables closed circuits for production environments.

Supports ISO 9001

Moreover, production details, scrap rates and more data can be obtained online by the internal organization. Due to the method of collecting test data, Glass-Scan Technologies‘ ProInspect supports the maintaining of the ISO 9001 regulations.

Glass-Scan Technologies – your partner for quality assurance

If you have a need for glass inspection, then please contact us. Our representatives will help you to find a solution for your inline inspection/online inspection.